Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

my opinion about tolerant in relegion


We have known about our young in this country, they stady always they never study by hard whereas they was young, they never think how their parent look for the money, in this era globalisation we must study by hard becouse in other country the development is very advenced how about our country?.

behavior of our youth today is just relaxed, they do not consider how their future, so we as generation of our nation we must study by hard so that we can beat other countries, we must use the time as good as possible so that we become that is expected by our country, in wish word said ”The Time Is Money” the time is very important for us, the time is like sword, if the sword was not used well by us, the sword that will kill us, as well as to the time when we did not use time well then we will lose big.

Therefor let us improve our learning process so that we become that people who do not regreat at a later date, we have to manage our time in the best possible and we must have prnciples, we stand united we fall, there is defeat excet by force and no strength except with togetherness.

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